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New Year Back-to-Basics Parenting

What are some of the basics of parenting for and with confidence? Consider these foundational ideas to get your new year started in a positive direction!

Happy Ten Years, Confident Parents, Confident Kids!

Check out our dialogue and toast to ten years of our learning community!

Introducing…The NEW Confident Parents Lead Writing Team!

What is the purpose of parenting? What is confident parenting? Our new team responds and asks for your thoughts!

How Can We Raise Confident Kids? Let’s talk about it this Sunday…

Join Jennifer Miller of Confident Parents, Confident Kids with Generation Moshi on FB Live Sunday!

Agency: What Is It? Why Do We Need It?

COVID-19 has challenged us to not live in fear. How do we retain or regain our sense of agency? Check out these ideas!

Emotionally Intelligent Parenting with The Ripple Effect

Emotionally Intelligent Parenting — Interview with Jennifer Miller by Fernando Restoy of The Ripple Effect!

One of Greater Good Science Center’s Favorite Parenting Books of 2020

One of Greater Good Science Center’s Favorite Parenting Books of 2020!

One Year of CPCK — Now Online Classes

New Online Course for Schools to Support Families Confident Parents, Confident Kids, the book is one year old this week! Check out some of the photos below from the launch. And sending much gratitude to the many partners, collaborators, friends and family that made it possible. Now, schools and districts committed to social and emotional …

New Podcast: “Be Confident Parents for Confident Kids during COVID-19”

This week, Jennifer Miller of CPCK talks with host Mike Wilson of The Making After-School Cool Podcast for an episode entitled “Be Confident Parents for Confident Kids During COVID-19.” The podcast is produced by CASE4Kids through the Harris County Department of Education in Houston, Texas. In this episode, we’ll discuss how: Youth-serving institutions and school …

Families are Stronger Together Staying Home and Safe

For all of the Harry Potter fans out there, do you recognize this illustration concept borrowed from the Battle of Hogwarts in “Deathly Hallows”? My son and I just completed reading and watching the Harry Potter series and this image came to mind when, in the final “Deathly Hallows” movie, each witch and wizard used …

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