Positive Outcomes for Kids In Montana

Learning from a Recent Study of Parenting Supports “How could we better the lives of kids if we asked a wide range of parents throughout a state about aspects of their parenting – hopes, challenges, worries – and used that information and language to develop practical tools based on solid research that can support them …

New Parenting Site by Highlights for Children

Highlights for Children has been a long time partner of Confident Parents, Confident Kids. We are delighted they are creating their own set of resources for confident parenting on their new site. Here’s their introduction! Check it out! Join us tonight on Instagram Live! Visit the Highlights for Children Instagram page to check it out …

Dr. King, Nonviolent Revolutionary

How can we learn to use Dr. King model of nonviolent communication in our family lives? Check out these persistent and advanced ideas that can truly transform society and our individual lives.

New Year Back-to-Basics Parenting

What are some of the basics of parenting for and with confidence? Consider these foundational ideas to get your new year started in a positive direction!

Connecting to the Natural Rhythms of the Season: Winter Solstice

How Can You Take this Moment to Step Back from the Holiday Noise and Reflect?

Gifting Social and Emotional Learning during the Holidays

Dealing with sadness or tough times this holiday season? Nikkya has a surefire solution!

The Unforecasted Snowstorm of Feelings in the Holiday Season

Do you and your family get hit with a snowstorm of emotions? Here are some simple ways to manage, find the magic and build skills!

Learning about Holidays Around the World…

Explore with your family some of the major holidays that are celebrated in the Fall and Winter months around the world!

Counting the Blessings of Our Children

Thanksgiving gives us the chance to focus on family and gratitude. How can we take time to reflect on the gifts our children bring into our lives today?

How to Have Productive and Honest Dialogues at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Check out these ideas and you’ll be ready! Print out some key questions to support you as you go into your parent-teacher conference!

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