Finding the Courage to Reinvent

What does a successful working professional, wife and mother do about her all-consuming responsibilities that are draining the life right out of her? Jason Miller and I ask the question: how does she find the courage to reinvent? And what does that look like? Check it out…

New Confident Teen Resources

Check out our recommended YA books, video games with social emotional themes and more!

Schools – Check Out These Virtual Programs to Advance School-Family Partnerships

Educators – Learn more about our virtual offerings to help families learn more about supporting their children’s social and emotional development.

The First Six Weeks of School; Parent’s Support in Setting the Tone with Joy, Curiosity and Connection (Part Two)

Families can play a vital role in embarking on our learning expedition together in joyful ways! Check out these ideas!

Discovering Treasures; Roles of and Opportunities for Parents in the First Six Weeks of School

Schools seize the first six weeks to set the tone for the school year. But what can families do to support this back to school transition?

3 Tips for Easing Back-to-School Stress

Check out Jennifer Miller’s three top tips for easing back to school stress for both parents and the kids they love as part of the Equip Our Kids Back to School Campaign. Note the second tip is a super simple key ingredient, a new perspective on a foundational skill. But you may just discover that …

Helping Your Child Calm their Mind at Bedtime; Getting into the Back-to-School Sleep Routine

How do you prepare for back to school time? Getting into a new sleep routine can make a significant difference in easing the transition!

Are You Hearing Endless Questions?

Check out these ideas for building on questioning to create opportunities to teach responsible decision-making.

How to Teach and Practice the Complex Skill of Responsible Decision-making in Family Life…

Do I lie to my parents so that I can attend the biggest social event of the year or take my chances by telling the truth and risk not being allowed to go? Do I allow my child to attend a party where I’ve never met the friends or parents? Do I tell my partner …

What’s Important to You as We Look Ahead to Back to School Season?

As partners in the Leading with SEL initiative, we want to know how we can support you as you support your children this back to school season! Whether you are a parent, caregiver, educator or serve in another education-related role, we are eager to hear from you! Your answers will guide us in providing valuable …

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