In Loving Memory of Confident Parent, Roger P. Weissberg

“I believe social and emotional learning is a source of strength and possibility for children and families.”

Caring Relationships Back-To-School Challenge

How will you cultivate safe, caring relationships this school year? This is our back-to-school challenge!

Building Trust Between Parents and Educators from the Start

Here’s a simple way to get to know your teacher and help him/her get to know your family!

Changing the Conversation – Student, Parent, Teacher Pandemic Learning Gains

Let’s Examine What Specifically Children and Teens Learned in this Past Year

Composing a Song of Strength

Co-Creating a Foundation of Well-Being for this School Year

Five Reasons Why You Might Encourage Your Child To Journal

By Guest Author Alexandra Eidens, Founder, Big Life Journal Those who journal are in good company. Some of history’s greatest visionaries, including Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill, and Marie Curie, kept journals. But aside from famous company, there are other important reasons for journaling. Studies show that keeping a journal reduces stress, improves focus and boosts mood. …

Family Car Games For Summer Road-Tripping

Check out these ideas for every age and stage!

Coming Soon! Mindful Parenting Summit

Support Children’s Growing Minds, Hearts and Spirits with Strategies Backed by Research

Weeding, Seeding, Reading and Healing

A Mother and Son’s Summertime Book Experience

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