CPCK has an all-volunteer lead writing team who are located in a diverse range of locations throughout the U.S. CPCK has collaborated with a diverse range of authors from all over the U.S. and beyond from every color, creed, and culture. All guest authors are actively parenting in their household (a child ages 0-19) and also, bring professional experience and credentials in child development and/or social and emotional development. They each commit to writing with authenticity (their own experience) and integrity (explicit connection to research along with the proper citations).

In addition,  Jennifer Miller works with schools, districts, universities, media and other organizations to advise and write curricula, tools and resources all with the mission of advancing children’s social and emotional development. Jennifer is incredibly grateful to Tina Wainscott of The Seymour Agency for being THE BEST literary agent and Quarto and Blackstone Publishing for publishing the Confident Parents, Confident Kids’ book!

The CPCK blog and site does not accept payment for content and does not pay for content.

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