Check out “More Than A Movie: The Parenting Opportunity of ‘Inside Out’” by CPCK’s author, Jennifer Miller on NBC’s Parent Toolkit. The movie creates a significant opportunity to discuss the role of emotions in our lives if parents seize it. There are reflection questions and a discussion of each age/stage that might view it. I hope you’ll use it as a resource for your own reflections with your kids. Learning about emotions – what a wonderful excuse to head to the movies! Check it out and happy summer.

Here’s how it begins…

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new Pixar movie out called “Inside Out.” One of the great things about being a parent is the opportunity to include learning in everyday activities with kids – like seeing a movie together. “Inside Out” is an example of this. The movie offers ample opportunity to discuss with our kids the role of emotions in our lives. We get to experience the outside changes that are occurring in Riley’s life with a move to a new city and we experience what is happening in her brain at the same time. Anger, Sadness, Joy, Disgust and Fear are all personified as characters that hold the controls while she goes through her life’s adventures. Viewers can participate in major changes going on in Riley’s brain as she develops new ways of thinking as a tween-ager and lets go of some of her childhood memories. The movie raises important questions about how we perceive our emotions, how they impact the choices we make and ultimately the life we experience. It opens the door to dialogue at all ages if parents seize the chance. Here are some considerations as you experience and then reflect on the movie with your children. Read the full article.

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