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“Jennifer Miller is an extraordinary consultant for she has in-depth knowledge about social-emotional learning and with a smile and great energy translates and transfers this knowledge to classroom teachers, administrators and other key partners. When you work with Jennifer, expect the best!”
– Elizabeth Ruppert, M.D. FAAP, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, University of Toledo College of Medicine

“My goal was to improve my parenting confidence. When I started, I felt like I was confident with what I was doing 65% of the time. After coaching with Jennifer, I felt confident 85% of the time.”
– Megan Calhoun, Mom and Freelance Writer, Columbus, Ohio

Numerous school districts and organizations already utilize Confident Parents, Confident Kids as a resource for their parent partners. Take that one step further and consider creating your own parent cohort. A webinar series along with Clip #53supportive tools and resources can be customized solely for a group of parents according to interests and challenges. Establish a learning community in which a common language around parenting and promoting social and emotional learning is shared and cultivated.


Choose among the following webinars for your team:

Introduction to the Power of Parenting with Social and Emotional Learning
Harness the power of social and emotional learning in your parenting. This highly personalized webinar will help you reflect on what your hopes and dreams are for your children. You will have the opportunity to learn about their ages and stages to support their individual developmental milestones. Become aware of your own parenting assets and the patterns you want to change to lead you on a path of learning and improvement. Take away reflection questions and simple tools for tracking interactions to raise your own self-awareness.

Building Trusting, Caring Family Connections
Nurturing trusting, caring relationships in a family takes effort. In this webinar, you will discover simple, practical daily ways to support loving relationships between siblings and all family members. Strategies will involve kids in household chores, promote sibling care and cultivate gratefulness as a family.

Reinventing Home Routines
From getting out of the door in the morning, to accomplishing homework after school, to preparing for bed, routines can be a source of strength for a family if completed cooperatively. However, they can also be a source of daily stress and conflict. You will be able to reinvent your routines so that each family member takes responsibility for his or her roles while finishing tasks as a team and finding time for true connection.

Promoting Emotional Intelligence
You will receive support in leading your family in dealing with intense anxiety, fear or anger constructively. First, develop your own emotional intelligence skills to enhance
relationships with all family members. Then, learn practical ways to promote emotional intelligence within the entire family. Socially and emotionally skilled children not only get along better with peers and teachers at school but also are higher academic performers.

Home and School
How do you discuss your child’s academic, social or behavioral challenges with teachers? How do you manage homework problems? How do you get involved so that you know what is going on? Learn about ways to develop a trusting connection between your family and your children’s teachers. Find out how you can best support your kids’ learning from home.

A Learning Approach to Discipline – Part One
How can you use each misbehavior as a teachable moment with your children? Kids make poor choices for numerous reasons and understanding their motivations can help you respond in ways that stop the behaviors and teach them a sense of self-discipline and responsibility. Learn about attention and power-seeking goals and the misbehaviors that result. This webinar has multiple useful strategies that can be used immediately to promote more responsible decisions.

A Learning Approach to Discipline – Part Two
Take your skills and strategies further and learn about avoidance of failure and revenge seeking behaviors. How can you identify them and respond in ways that stop the misbehavior and help your child to make better future decisions? Learn about practical ways to use logical consequences promoting kids’ responsible decision-making skills.

Powerful Parent Language
How can you make small changes to the language you use in everyday life to make a powerfully positive impact on your family and inspire cooperation, self-discipline, and responsibility? Learn simple language changes that can motivate others toward helpful behaviors, prevent problems and enable all to feel appreciated.

Family Problem Solving
Become a skilled facilitator of problem-solving in your family so there is no situation that you cannot handle. Also, gain skill in coaching your child through friendship difficulties and bullying behaviors. Guide your kids toward empathy and forgiveness and help them make reparation for harms they cause. Learn strategies to turn conflict into opportunities to deepen your relationships.

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