Global Exploration

Family flying on iPad over WorldGo on a field trip with your family around the globe without leaving your home. Explore people, cultures and environments different from your own through the following links. Use them as conversation starters with children. Find out what surprises them and what their impressions are of how people live around the world. Share travel stories and hopes and dreams.

The following sites provide information, photos and games specifically designed for kids’ exploration.

TIME for Kids
Visit every continent on Earth! Click on a country, see photos and learn about what its flag looks like, what products it produces, how many people live there and more.

Scholastic Global Trek
Pick any country destination and travel there virtually. Learn about the country and keep an online journal about your experiences.

National Geographic Kids
Explore animals and other natural phenomena from all parts of the world.

Discovery Kids
Explore photos and information on multiple topics including dinosaurs, animals, science, Earth, holidays, food, health and history.

These sites provide photographs of various aspects of peoples and cultures around the world.

Classrooms Around the World
This website shows photos of children in their classroom from all over the world to show that not every child has the same learning opportunities.

Where Children Sleep
James Mollison shows you a series of images where you are see the child pictured first in front of a neutral background, to show that “kids are just kids,” and then you are given a picture of their bedroom.

The World’s Harvest
A series of photos, with descriptions, from different farms across the world showing farmers harvesting their crops.

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
Project “Hungry Planet” shows photos of average families from around the world and the amount of food they consume in one week and how much it costs.

A Global Family Portrait:

From NOVA: World in the Balance.

From Peter Menzel Photography, Material World Family Portraits.

A collection of photos of different families from across the globe, that features them and all of their possessions.

Eyes of Children Around the World
Facebook group that shows several photos of children from around the world, with the child’s name and where they are from.

Children Playing Around the World
A photo collection from many different countries that give examples of how children play around the world.

Houses Around the World
Collection of photos with descriptions and locations, showing different houses throughout the world.

School Lunches
Photos from 20 different countries that give an idea of what children eat at schools from around the world.

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