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“As a parent, grandparent, and teacher, I found this book to be deeply inspiring and insightful.”  – Trouble

“This book is a must read for parents – new, old, male, female. Teaching parents to be confident in their craft, to raise confident children and to completely transform their way of thinking is really an amazing thing. If I could, I would recommend this book to most parents that I know.” – Paigii

“As an educator who is researching Social-Emotional Learning and a parent of a 4 and 6 year old, this book is perfect. The book explains very well our natural tendencies based on our own experiences but also gives practical advice on how to support without enabling your child. Great read for educators and parents alike.” – Adam Shields

Confident Parents, Confident Kids lays out an approach for helping parents—and the kids they love—hone their emotional intelligence so that they can make wise choices, connect and communicate well with others (even when patience wears thin), and become socially competent and confident human beings.

How do we raise a happy, confident kid? And how can we be confident that our parenting is preparing our child for success?
Our confidence develops from understanding and having a mastery over our emotions — and helping our children do the same. Like learning to play a musical instrument, we can fine-tune our ability to skillfully react to those big feelings that naturally arise from our child’s constant growth and changes, moving from chaos to harmony. We want our children to trust that they can conquer any challenge with hard work and persistence; that they can love boundlessly; that they will find their unique sense of purpose; and they will act wisely in a complex world. This book shows you how.
With author and educator Jennifer Miller as your supportive guide, you’ll learn:
  • The myths we’ve been told about emotions, how they shape our choices, and how we can reshape our parenting decisions in better alignment with our deepest values.
  • How to identify the temperaments your child was born with so you can support those tendencies rather than fight them.
  • How to align your biggest hopes and dreams for your kids with specific skills that can be practiced, along with new research to support those powerful connections.
  • About each age and stage your child goes through and the range of learning opportunities available.
  • How to identify and manage those big emotions (that only the parenting process can bring out in us!) and how to model emotional intelligence for your children.
  • How to alter challenging patterns we fall into responding to turnaround even our toughest moments into teachable ones.

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About the Author
Jennifer S. Miller, MEd., is the founder of the site Confident Parents, Confident Kids and has twenty-five years of experience working with parents, educators, and other adults to help them become more effective with children through social and emotional learning. She is a regular expert contributor to the NBC’s TODAY Parenting and has contributed articles or interviews to popular publications such as The Washington PostParent MagazineThe Huffington Post, and more. Jennifer earned her master’s degree in education with a focus on social and emotional development from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She lives with her husband and son in Columbus, Ohio.
Release Date: November 5, 2019
A Collaboration between Fair Winds Press, Quarto Publishing Group/Quarto and The Seymour Agency. Big thanks to literary agent Tina Wainscott.

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