Parenting Wisdom from CPCK Readers

Wow! You wrote…

The following were gleaned directly from comments readers made on Confident Parents, Confident Kids’ articles. I have been awed and inspired by your words. The best blogs, in my opinion, represent communities. And there is a critical ongoing dialogue going on here related to how we show love, deepen our trust with our families and help our children develop social and emotional competencies to become their best selves. Check out the following readers’ words and be inspired!

Julie I on GratitudeDorothy P on Emotional BoundariesSusie on Random Acts of KindnessMoms Perspective on walking awayDave N on summer transitionSaila on affirming feelingsShannon on Seeing through others' eyesLinda S on ListeningJulie I on Self-DisciplineTom R on Complete PresenceJeanne O on Emotional BoundariesJeanne O on FeelingsKimberly A on MediaDavid S on Emotional SignalShannon on Service and ChoresSusie on Service and Reflection
Stefanie F on Reading and Telling StoriesShannon Positive IntentShannon Best IntentTom Finding Own AnswersCara C. on Cooperative GamesShannon W on Commonalities and Differences

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