Book Clubs

A Six-Part Interactive Online Series for Families

Jennifer Miller will offer a series of 90-minute book club sessions that will be interactive and reflective. Parents or caregivers will learn from one another as well as Jennifer. Based on the book “Confident Parents, Confident Kids; Raising Emotional Intelligence in Ourselves and Our Kids – from Toddlers to Teenagers,” parents will learn about their children’s social and emotional development and specific ways to support them at each age and stage. Jennifer leaves plenty of room for dialogue knowing every family culture is unique but can learn from one another.

In between sessions, parents will be challenged to try out new strategies with their children and return to reflect on what worked and how they might improve. 

This course will help parents extend their patience, gain knowledge and empathy and feel a greater sense of competence with strategies that work.

Kick Off – Session #1 could be attended by a wide range of parents and caregivers (as many as would be willing to attend a 90 minute virtual session.) and educators could attend as an option too. Working toward Parents’ Hopes and Dreams; An Introduction to Confident Parents, Confident Kids (with age-appropriate examples)

Sessions #2-6 – Could be for a smaller group of 8-15 parents/caregivers who will be able to go deeper with the learning. Can run several cohorts at a time.

Session #2: Understanding your Children’s Emotional Default Settings; Supporting a Child’s Temperament (with age-appropriate examples) 

Session #3: Dealing with Challenging Emotions in Changing Times

Session #4: Understanding and Supporting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Development by Age/Stage (Preschool, K, 1 and Grades 2-5l)

Session #5: Understanding and Supporting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Development by Age/Stage (Middle and High School)

Session #6: Cultivating Parents’ Own Social and Emotional Intelligence

Each of these webinars will be recorded and can be shared out with any families who missed the live event.

Follow up e-newsletters will be offered with resources including tools and articles to support the learning. Many of the tools have been translated into Spanish so that Spanish versions can be offered.

Because each schools’ family community is highly unique, we’ll discuss together how many families can be reached, how and when. Jennifer can meet in advance with the school’s social worker or other appropriate staff to learn more about the language used related to social and emotional learning in school and make the connections of the language with families.

  • Can be offered in a training of trainers style for parent volunteers who would be willing to lead their own book clubs with small groups of parents in their school or district.

This series has been done in full successfully with Robeson County Unified School District in North Carolina, with ECTAC Florida with all Florida Family Engagement Specialists in the state, and with Catholic Academy of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Language: If there are attendees who speak a first language other than English, subtitles can be activated on Zoom and Jennifer will work with a school or parent translator.

To learn more, schedule a brief conversation with Jennifer Miller here

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