Coalition to Provide the Facts about the Importance of Social and Emotional Learning

More than ever, the social and emotional learning of our children is of top importance!

Supporting Children through the Death of a Loved One

Children’s level of awareness with death is different from our own so how can we learn their perspectives to better support them?

“When It’s Not Quite Bullying…But It’s Still So Mean” Dear Highlights Podcast

Discussing forms of meanness, how it occurs, and how we can help our children through moments that hurt.

How to Kickstart Your School Year with a Strong Parent-Teacher Partnership

What can we do to ensure that our children are set up for success this year?

Happy Ten Years, Confident Parents, Confident Kids!

Check out our dialogue and toast to ten years of our learning community!

Join Us in Celebrating Ten Years of Confident Parents, Confident Kids!

Join us for a live dialogue on parenting for confidence and competence this Thursday!

Sleep, Teens and Back-to-School Season

How do you support your teen’s transition back-to-school when they’ve been sleeping until noon all summer? Check out these ideas!

What Parents Are Saying About the Importance of Social and Emotional Learning in Schools…

Why is social and emotional learning in schools so important to parents?

Waking Up to Family Life

How Can the Major Shifts in our Lives Help Us Prioritize our Family’s Well-being?

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