Device Break Family Fun Games for your Summer Road Trip

Laugh together, bond, and give your children’s eyes and brain a break from devices!

Engaging Children in Household Chores

How do we teach and motivate our children to contribute to the care of our home? Check out these ideas!

Summertime Drama; Using Emotional Moments as Key Teaching Opportunities

How can you turn your child’s anger into a teachable moment?

How Do We Cultivate Agency in Our Kids and Ourselves?

“I feel confident when I walk down the hallway. I’m not afraid to talk to any of the kids in my grade,” reports my son after a mere two weeks in a brand new school. Perhaps it’s the contrast offering him a newfound sense of agency. In his previous school, he was ignored or judged, …

The Positive Ripple Effects of Sibling Kindness

How can parents raise kind children? Cultivating kindness in sibling relationships serves as a key foundation.

The Great Quest to Reimagine Fatherhood

How would you describe a father you admire? What do men need to model in family life?

Join Us!

Want some simple strategies to keep the academic, social and emotional learning alive all summer long? Check it out…

How to Stop “Summer Slide” and Keep Learning Alive with Panorama Education

How do you prevent “summer slide?” Learn simple ways to keep the academic, social & emotional growth alive in the summertime!

Summer’s Routine Lite

How Can You Discuss and Establish Some Important Boundaries at the Beginning of Summer So EVERYONE Can Have Fun (including parents!)?

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