5 Unique Ways Families Can UnPlug to Reconnect

In the Fall, family members seem to run in different directions — to instrument lessons, to sports practice, to PTA meetings, and evening work commitments. Our family is so tired from all of the running to events that when we do have… Read More

In Youth Connections Magazine… “Children’s Growing Identity; Cultivating Self-Awareness to Inspire Confidence”

Check out the latest feature article in Youth Connections Magazine published nationally. This one focuses on children’s developing sense of who they are, what they think, and how they feel. It helps parents understand at various ages and stages how children are… Read More

Premiere of the Trailer for “Confident Parents, Confident Kids” — The Book

A whole lotta love, hard work, and research went into the making of this book and its trailer. Please enjoy and share!!!

On National PTA Blog… “Element of a Confident Parent — Looking for the Good!”

Nagging Not Changing Behaviors with your Kids? Instead, Try This… The article begins… Though the sunshine sparkles through the yellow leaves during these beautiful Fall days, there is less light in the morning and evening. And we’ve been doing this school thing… Read More

National PTA’s Podcast — “Notes from the Backpack: How to Raise Confident Kids”

What an honor and delight to join the new podcast from the National Parent Teacher Association, “Notes from the Backpack!” Hosts LaWanda Toney, Director of Strategic Communications and Helen Westmoreland, Director of Family Engagement interviewed CPCK’s Jennifer Miller with wise and stimulating… Read More

Frustrations over Homework? Practice this Coping Strategy…

“Uuuwwaaaahhhh” I heard from our dining room table and recognized immediately the telltale sign of my son getting frustrated with his homework. “He hasn’t been working that long,” was my first thought. My second was, “this is gonna be a long night.”… Read More

“Confident Parents, Confident Kids” To Be Published In Vietnamese

The Vietnamese publisher of parenting and self-help books, Thai Ha, is working with QuartoKnows Publishing Group. They will translate the new “Confident Parents, Confident Kids” book into Vietnamese and publish with the original illustrations next year. Thank you, Quarto, Fair Winds Press,… Read More

Watch the Unveiling of “Confident Parents, Confident Kids” — The Book!

https://youtu.be/25y4XloJGrc It’s a big week for Jennifer Miller of Confident Parents, Confident Kids as the first two final printed copies were received and… spoiler alert: it’s gorgeous! Thank you, Quarto/Fair Winds Press, Todd Conly, Meredith Quinn, Amanda Waddell, and Tina Wainscott of… Read More

Today: Mindful Kids Peace Summit… “How to Fit In and Stand Out and Be Confident Teens”

Join today and catch my interview with Adam Avin along with interviews on: Stressed Teens Teens Stand Up and Speak Out Coping with the Aftermath of Tragedy and Stopping the Violence: Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Parkland Stressed Teens: Riding the Stress Waves and…… Read More

8 Positive Strategies for Guiding Your Child Through Their Teenage Years

By Guest Author, Amy Petrou Delighted to post today’s article from author Amy Petrou from Generation Mindful, an organization that supports families with toys and tools for building emotional intelligence, discussing some of the developmental themes of the teenage years and how… Read More