How to Stop “Summer Slide” and Keep Learning Alive with Panorama Education

How do you prevent “summer slide?” Learn simple ways to keep the academic, social & emotional growth alive in the summertime!

Summer’s Routine Lite

How Can You Discuss and Establish Some Important Boundaries at the Beginning of Summer So EVERYONE Can Have Fun (including parents!)?

Spin the Reflection Wheel; A Simple New Tool for Reflecting on the School Year

Take a moment to reflect on the important learning this year with your family! Educators, share this tool with your partner families!

Finals Time! Supporting Children and Teens through the Stress of the Test

Today I am bleary-eyed as I attempt to get my work accomplished after a very late night supporting my son by listening to a speech he has to give – over and over. Now I know that “He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life” (wrote Ralph Waldo …

Celebrating Courageous Mothers

Who are the courageous mothers you know? How is that courageous mother you?

The Best Teachers Flip the Script

How can we recognize truly great teachers and how can we learn, as parents, from some of their best strategies?

More Coffee Cards to Give Away!

Thank you to all those who responded to our survey! It’s incredibly helpful and insightful to get a better understanding of the kinds of supports you could use in your parenting and family life! As we work on new offerings for Confident Parents, Confident Kids, we want to ensure that we are truly meeting your …

What Support Do You Need?

What support do you need as a parent? Take our quick survey and help us support you!

Celebrate the Earth

How Can We Develop a Caring Relationship with the Natural Environment Around Us?

Our Big Questions…

What is on your mind and heart about your children and teens, your parenting, and how you are preparing them for the world’s challenges?

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