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Jennifer Miller, Author of “Confident Parents, Confident Kids” was delighted to partner with Blackstone Publishing and award-winning actor Coleen Marlo who narrates the audio version of the book. Coleen Marlo also won the Audiobook Reader of the Year in 2010 from Publishers Weekly.

Schools/Districts – if you are doing book clubs for parents and caregivers, the audio book is a great way to give access to this content for a group of parents to generate dialogue about children’s social and emotional development by age and stage.


I think you can safely assume, but the insane amount of notes I took while reading this book, that I loved it! For me, it will become my “parenting bible”. I will refer to it every time I will encounter a problem with my kids. Jennifer Miller offers plenty of advice for any situation that you can have with your kids, from birth until their teens.

– Melissa, Good Reads

This is a fantastic book for any parent, but a relatable one for fathers. It helped bring a lot of awareness to my emotional state and how that influences my kids. My frustration with them can create a shameful feeling and I realized I needed a different approach of kindness and listening. A lot of the advice seems common sense yet so few actually act that way. I am intentionally working on being a better parent realizing there is no “perfect parent”. Love this book.”

– NicbachDVM, Amazon

This book is packed full of psychological and developmental tidbits so that parents not only are told what to do but they understand the why. Despite being so packed full of knowledge it is done in tidbits spread throughout the book making it an easy read. This book should be a must for new parents as it covers both emotional intelligence AND social skills. Confidence is the best indicator of success in life, NOT intelligence. This book teaches the ultimate backbone of parenting. And it does it for every age group. You can read the book cover to cover or skip the ages that no longer apply to your children. This makes it an even easier read.

– Mom2HowMany, Amazon

Thank you Coleen Marlo and Blackstone Publishing! And always thanks to literary agent Tina Wainscott of The Seymour Agency!

Find the Audio Book (with Kindle and Paperback versions too!) here:

Confident Parents, Confident Kids; Raising Emotional Intelligence In Ourselves and Our Kids from Toddlers to Teenager

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