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Finding the Courage to Reinvent

What does a successful working professional, wife and mother do about her all-consuming responsibilities that are draining the life right out of her? Jason Miller and I ask the question: how does she find the courage to reinvent? And what does that look like? Check it out…

Schools – Check Out These Virtual Programs to Advance School-Family Partnerships

Educators – Learn more about our virtual offerings to help families learn more about supporting their children’s social and emotional development.

How to Teach and Practice the Complex Skill of Responsible Decision-making in Family Life…

Do I lie to my parents so that I can attend the biggest social event of the year or take my chances by telling the truth and risk not being allowed to go? Do I allow my child to attend a party where I’ve never met the friends or parents? Do I tell my partner …

Celebrating Courageous Mothers

Who are the courageous mothers you know? How is that courageous mother you?

More Coffee Cards to Give Away!

Thank you to all those who responded to our survey! It’s incredibly helpful and insightful to get a better understanding of the kinds of supports you could use in your parenting and family life! As we work on new offerings for Confident Parents, Confident Kids, we want to ensure that we are truly meeting your …

What Support Do You Need?

What support do you need as a parent? Take our quick survey and help us support you!

How to Teach Kids Life Skills to Promote Independence and Confidence

Don’t miss this article with a range of videos featuring Dr. Woo’s children confidently teaching life skills!

Our Big Questions…

What is on your mind and heart about your children and teens, your parenting, and how you are preparing them for the world’s challenges?

#SEL Day Success, New Parent Toolkit and Family-School Partnerships on Benchmark Education’s Blog

Check out more on the success of #SELDay, a new parent advocacy toolkit and more!

Confident Mom Superpowers!

Check out these Confident Mom SEL Superpowers!

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