Tag: Social and Emotional Learning

Agency: What Is It? Why Do We Need It?

COVID-19 has challenged us to not live in fear. How do we retain or regain our sense of agency? Check out these ideas!

In Loving Memory of Confident Parent, Roger P. Weissberg

“I believe social and emotional learning is a source of strength and possibility for children and families.”

Establishing or Reinventing Home Routines and Responsibilities for Learning Success

How are you setting up your home environment for the school year?

Caring Relationships Back-To-School Challenge

How will you cultivate safe, caring relationships this school year? This is our back-to-school challenge!

Changing the Conversation – Student, Parent, Teacher Pandemic Learning Gains

Let’s Examine What Specifically Children and Teens Learned in this Past Year

Understanding the Social and Emotional Development of Tween-Agers

A Deeper Understanding of this Unique Time Can Help Us as Caregivers Support Our Growing Kids

Transforming Children And Teen’s Anger and Hurt Into Life Lessons

Teaching your children and teens how to deal with anger through simple dramatic play!

Are You Spring Breaking At Home?

Check out these ideas for setting up rules and responsibilities and also, engaging in fun and creativity to create an enjoyable break for all!

Growing Hearts in our Families and Schools

Expert Lorea Martinez shares key strategies for parents on developing their “HEART” capacity with their children.

One Year of CPCK — Now Online Classes

New Online Course for Schools to Support Families Confident Parents, Confident Kids, the book is one year old this week! Check out some of the photos below from the launch. And sending much gratitude to the many partners, collaborators, friends and family that made it possible. Now, schools and districts committed to social and emotional …

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