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Introducing…The NEW Confident Parents Lead Writing Team!

What is the purpose of parenting? What is confident parenting? Our new team responds and asks for your thoughts!

In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution… COVID and Children

What can educators and parents do for our children during these high stress times?

From Dr. King’s Sermon “The Mastery of Fear,” What Can We Learn Today?

Dr. King’s words on mastering fear have powerful meaning for us if we apply them to our current day. Check it out!

In a Safe, Healthy New Year…

The Start of the Year Offers the Ideal Chance to Set Our Mind On the Present… Back to school in-person? Remote? Hybrid? Staff and students missing, out sick due to the latest COVID variant. The frenzy of our one week back after winter break may have struck your household like a polar plunge into freezing …

Anti-bullying Lessons from a Classic Christmas Tale

Why Rudolph is a Story Worth Unwrapping…

How Can We Raise Confident Kids? Let’s talk about it this Sunday…

Join Jennifer Miller of Confident Parents, Confident Kids with Generation Moshi on FB Live Sunday!

What Is Social and Emotional Learning Anyway?

Check Out the National PTA’s Podcast Series with CASEL’s Karen Van Ausdal We’re excited to share that our friends at @NationalPTA have released a new #BackpackNotes podcast focused on Social and Emotional Learning. (SEL)! Karen Van Ausdal, Senior Director of Practice at the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning is their featured guest. Listen in …

Agency: What Is It? Why Do We Need It?

COVID-19 has challenged us to not live in fear. How do we retain or regain our sense of agency? Check out these ideas!

In Loving Memory of Confident Parent, Roger P. Weissberg

“I believe social and emotional learning is a source of strength and possibility for children and families.”

Establishing or Reinventing Home Routines and Responsibilities for Learning Success

How are you setting up your home environment for the school year?

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