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Positive Outcomes for Kids In Montana

Learning from a Recent Study of Parenting Supports “How could we better the lives of kids if we asked a wide range of parents throughout a state about aspects of their parenting – hopes, challenges, worries – and used that information and language to develop practical tools based on solid research that can support them …

Connecting to the Natural Rhythms of the Season: Winter Solstice

How Can You Take this Moment to Step Back from the Holiday Noise and Reflect?

Gifting Social and Emotional Learning during the Holidays

Dealing with sadness or tough times this holiday season? Nikkya has a surefire solution!

The Unforecasted Snowstorm of Feelings in the Holiday Season

Do you and your family get hit with a snowstorm of emotions? Here are some simple ways to manage, find the magic and build skills!

Counting the Blessings of Our Children

Thanksgiving gives us the chance to focus on family and gratitude. How can we take time to reflect on the gifts our children bring into our lives today?

Spreading Factual Information about Social and Emotional Learning

How Can You Raise your Voice? Parents are leading the way!

Transforming Whining into Positive Connections

“Mooooommmmm, I don’t want to do my homework,” seven-year-old Elaina says in a nasily, high-pitched, and sing-song (in a fingernails-on-a-chalkboard, not melodic) way. The powerful whine is wielded to get her Mom’s attention. And it works every time. How can you not hear, turn toward, and grimace at that tone? In fact, research confirms what …

The Swirling Vortex of Our Child’s Inner World

How adept are you at voicing what’s going on inside of you? It’s even tougher for tweens and teens!

Coalition to Provide the Facts about the Importance of Social and Emotional Learning

More than ever, the social and emotional learning of our children is of top importance!

Happy Ten Years, Confident Parents, Confident Kids!

Check out our dialogue and toast to ten years of our learning community!

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