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Parent-led Communities of Practice Dialogue Today at the SEL Exchange…

Check out some gems from our dialogue at the #SELExchange!

Schools – Check Out These Virtual Programs to Advance School-Family Partnerships

Educators – Learn more about our virtual offerings to help families learn more about supporting their children’s social and emotional development.

How to Have Productive and Honest Dialogues at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Check out these ideas and you’ll be ready! Print out some key questions to support you as you go into your parent-teacher conference!

Caring Relationships Back-To-School Challenge

How will you cultivate safe, caring relationships this school year? This is our back-to-school challenge!

Building Trust Between Parents and Educators from the Start

Here’s a simple way to get to know your teacher and help him/her get to know your family!

How can families Partner with educators on their children’s Social and emotional Development in Equitable, inclusive ways?

How can families partner with educators on their children’s social and emotional development in equitable, inclusive ways?

On Rethink Ed… “5 Social and Emotional Learning Strategies that Strengthen School-to-Home Collaboration”

Over the coming weeks, Jennifer Miller of Confident Parents, Confident Kids will be collaborating with Rethink Ed to discuss practical strategies schools can adopt who are focused on social and emotional learning and want to involve families in partnerships that contribute to their children’s learning. This week, check out the article she wrote for the …

A Simple Idea to Begin Creating Caring Connections between Students, Teachers, and Families

It’s the first day of school. We – Mom, Dad, and son – are thoroughly ready and excited for E’s initiation into sixth grade. We take the traditional pictures at home and walk to school together to gather on the playground. Many other parents are present with their children taking photos and sharing in the …

Getting to Know your Teacher, Getting to Know your Student’s Family

Here’s are Two Simple Tools to Help You Get to Know Your Teachers or Parents! Maybe your children have started back-to-school and if they have not yet, it’s likely you are in the process of getting ready. Either way, over the coming weeks, families and schools will be focused on relationships. Introductions will be made. …

Educators: Want to Connect Parents to Your School’s Focus on Social and Emotional Learning?

Host a Parent Book Club in School Year 2019-2020! Families can learn about their child’s social and emotional development and ways they can promote social and emotional skills alongside educators. The book contains a discussion guide to support readers in their dialogue. “Confident Parents, Confident Kids: Raising Emotional Intelligence in Ourselves and Our Kids—from Toddlers to …