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The Best Teachers Flip the Script

How can we recognize truly great teachers and how can we learn, as parents, from some of their best strategies?

Are You Ready for #SEL Superpower Week?

Check out the many ways to get involved!

Don’t Miss Adding your Video!

Record and submit a quick video of your child or yourself – or both – in celebration of #SELDay. Learn more…

What’s Your Child’s Superpower?

What’s your parent superpower? Confident Parents, Confident Kids is engaging in a new video campaign in support of a focus on the well-being and school and life success of children and we invite you to join us!  Over the past year, we have been inspired by the many positive, “good news” stories from parents, educators, …

New Year Back-to-Basics Parenting

What are some of the basics of parenting for and with confidence? Consider these foundational ideas to get your new year started in a positive direction!

Gifting Social and Emotional Learning during the Holidays

Dealing with sadness or tough times this holiday season? Nikkya has a surefire solution!

The Unforecasted Snowstorm of Feelings in the Holiday Season

Do you and your family get hit with a snowstorm of emotions? Here are some simple ways to manage, find the magic and build skills!

The Best of Confident Parents’ Halloween Posts…

Want to get into the Halloween spirit? Check out our best Halloween posts from the past years!

Making Room for All Children at the Table

Simple Ways We Can Teach Racial Inclusivity in our Everyday Lives.

Understanding Social Intelligence and Growing Skills in a New Day

How can we heal and rebuild our relationships after an elongated period of social distance?

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