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Are You Hearing Endless Questions?

Check out these ideas for building on questioning to create opportunities to teach responsible decision-making.

How to Teach and Practice the Complex Skill of Responsible Decision-making in Family Life…

Do I lie to my parents so that I can attend the biggest social event of the year or take my chances by telling the truth and risk not being allowed to go? Do I allow my child to attend a party where I’ve never met the friends or parents? Do I tell my partner …

Celebrating Courageous Mothers

Who are the courageous mothers you know? How is that courageous mother you?

Our Big Questions…

What is on your mind and heart about your children and teens, your parenting, and how you are preparing them for the world’s challenges?

Don’t Miss Adding your Video!

Record and submit a quick video of your child or yourself – or both – in celebration of #SELDay. Learn more…

New Year Back-to-Basics Parenting

What are some of the basics of parenting for and with confidence? Consider these foundational ideas to get your new year started in a positive direction!

Gifting Social and Emotional Learning during the Holidays

Dealing with sadness or tough times this holiday season? Nikkya has a surefire solution!

The Natural, Necessary and Unnecessary Pressures on a High Schooler

How can parents best support teens and not add unnecessary pressure?

Coalition to Provide the Facts about the Importance of Social and Emotional Learning

More than ever, the social and emotional learning of our children is of top importance!

Making Room for All Children at the Table

Simple Ways We Can Teach Racial Inclusivity in our Everyday Lives.

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