Our Big Questions…

Once upon a time (a little over ten years ago), Jennifer Miller had so many big questions that she started writing about them every single week. Now, our Confident Parents Lead Team gathers twice a year to round up all of our big questions and share them with one another. Here are the two questions we ask that we’ll pose to you too:

  1. What are you working on in your own parenting with your family? What’s challenging you?
  2. What are the current themes in the world concerning parents, parenting, raising kids that we should discuss?

Questions always drive our explorations and experiments. We know we’ll work toward our hopes and dreams if view parenting as an opportunity to build social and emotional skills in our children, our teens and ourselves. We come away from these discussions as a team renewed and inspired. Check out our big questions for the upcoming months. Please let us know which of these are on your mind and heart too and we hope you’ll also share your own big questions.

  • With limited time left in the house (for parents of teens), how can we take advantage of our family time together? And our children are growing up, how do we deal with our own sense of loss?
  • How do we deal with divisiveness and fixed mindsets – competitive versus learning conversations?
  • How do we talk about, protect and prevent college/school/community shootings – violence and lack of safety in school? (This comes up all too frequently and was asked before the recent Nashville violence – among others in the news).
  • How do we promote independent learning and balance with support?
  • What’s private versus public in our social media world?
  • What’s the parents’ role with child/teen romance?
  • How do we deal with negative feedback or “haters” and help our children do the same?
  • How do we deal with misinformation our children are hearing or we, as a family, are encountering?
  • How do siblings influence and define one another’s identity?
  • Where do parents find sources of patience?
  • How do we care for our children’s well-being in our current cultural context?
  • How do we teach our children to take care of themselves?
  • How will artificial intelligence influence our children’s social and emotional development today and in their future?
  • How can we foresee or envision future trends and forces and help our children do the same?
  • How can we become advocates for our children and teens in ways that are effective?

This team is never short on big questions and big insights. Hope you’ll join in. We are eager to learn about what you are wrestling with. We are stronger when we share and learn from one another!

Want to learn more about our team? Check out our team page.

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