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Helping Your Child Calm their Mind at Bedtime; Getting into the Back-to-School Sleep Routine

How do you prepare for back to school time? Getting into a new sleep routine can make a significant difference in easing the transition!

The Powerful Daily Words that Matter Most

Were you told you were loved as a child? To some, expressions of love are challenging to say…yet, our children need to hear them.

Sleep, Teens and Back-to-School Season

How do you support your teen’s transition back-to-school when they’ve been sleeping until noon all summer? Check out these ideas!

Establishing or Reinventing Home Routines and Responsibilities for Learning Success

How are you setting up your home environment for the school year?

Facilitating a Smooth Transition Back-to-School

  I’m gonna hold onto this couch and never let go! – E. Miller, Age 6 It’s the morning after our summer vacation at the lake. E awoke and said he had had a nightmare. “My school became a haunted village. A ghost dragged me around the grounds. And all of my school friends were …

New Year’s Routine Reboot

The Start of the Year Offers the Ideal Chance to Create Smoother Bedtime and Morning Routines at Any Age… E, now ten-years-old, has a full two and a half week break over the holidays. And yes, we’ll do lots of visiting with friends and family. Sure, we are planning multiple entertaining outings. But there’s also …

Refreshing Home Routines for the School Year

It’s Just Another Day. Slipping Into Stockings, Stepping Into Shoes, Dipping In The Pockets Of Her Raincoat. Ah, It’s Just Another Day. Du Du Du Du Du It’s Just Another Day. Du Du Du Du Du It’s Just Another Day. – It’s Just Another Day, Paul McCartney “Do we really have to go back again?” …

The Opportunity of Bedtime, Part Two — Troubleshooting Bedtime Challenges

This week two readers share their challenges with bedtime. Perhaps these problems are similar to yours? One feels the bedtime routine stretches longer and longer while she is tired and wants to move through it more quickly. The other receives calls after the “Good nights” have been said. Fears of the dark, a desperate thirst …

The Opportunity of Bedtime, Part One

“One of my happy thoughts was having peace and quiet in the house today to work,” I said. “Oh yeah. Mom, could you give me peace and quiet while I am going to sleep? I always hear you doing the dishes in the kitchen and it keeps me up,” said E in earnest. “I’ll try,” …

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