Coming Soon! The Heart and Science of Parenting — FREE Online Conference

You are invited!

Because you follow and read Confident Parents, Confident Kids, you clearly care about the powerful influence you possess as a parent and you realize how you use that influence matters greatly.

My friends, Cecilia and Jason Hilkey, have launched their third conference to share cutting-edge brain science and practical tools that parents can use to help their kids foster social and emotional intelligence and mindfulness, navigate friendships and feelings, and develop resilience.

And the Happily Family Online Conference is completely FREE!

Please join me for this important online event from May 4-8, 2017. I’ll be talking about how parents can use social and emotional intelligence in small ways to build trusting connections with your child’s teachers while providing invaluable support for your child’s education. Some other topics include:

  • “Healthy Friendships for Girls in a Socially Complex World” 
  • “The Emotional Life of Boys”
  • “Connecting with a Struggling Child”
  • “Assertive Communication for Kids: Being a Kindness Warrior”
  • “The Mindful Child”

Sign up and you can watch (at your own pace) online interviews with over 25 experts who will offer effective tools to raise kids who are capable and compassionate. You will see interviews from some of the finest teachers, authors, researchers and thought leaders in the world of parenting like:

  • Dr. Daniel Siegel (Psychiatrist, Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute)
  • Dr. Laura Markham (Clinical Psychologist, Founder of
  • Dr. Michele Borba (Speaker, Author of UnSelfie)
  • Kate Northrup (Creative Entrepreneur, Founder of The Freedom Family)
  • Scott Noelle (Author of The Daily Groove and Founder of PATH Parenting)
  • Rosalind Wiseman (Author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, educator)
  • Dr. Michael Thompson (Co-author of Raising Cain)
  • Daniel Rechtschaffen (Marriage Family Therapist, author of The Way of Mindful Education)
  • Michelle Gale (Founder of My Messy Spirituality, Educator, Advisor to the Mindful Schools)
  • Todd and Cathy Adams (Hosts of Zen Parenting Radio)
  • Jennifer Miller (Author, Confident Parents, Confident Kids)

Cecilia and Jason are dedicated to this work. For over 15 years, they have taught parents how to communicate with their kids. Together they’ve taught preschool, worked with children with special needs, and they have two kids of their own.

There is a wealth of support, wisdom, and a global community at the Happily Family Online Conference. Visit this link so you can view the full agenda or follow this link for a simple sign in and you’re all set. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow!

Hope to see you there,





2 Comments on “Coming Soon! The Heart and Science of Parenting — FREE Online Conference”

  1. Sounds good. People REALLY need help. I heard a Grandma tell her toddler grandson [I assume.] to “Shut up!” today in an upscale bookstore. HELP!!!!! L,M

    • Oh no. There are better ways to handle situations in which you need a child to use a quieter tone of voice. She could have stooped down to his level and said in a conspiratory whisper, “Let’s talk like this.” modeling how you want him to talk and engaging him in a game of whispering. It works and sends a more important message than the one you overhead. Thanks for your comment!!!

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