Catch the SEL Day Records and Recordings!

Social and emotional learning day was a huge success in raising awareness and showing the critical role it plays for children and adults in families, schools and communities. Check out the milestones that occurred on Friday:

  • #SELday trended on Twitter for more than 5 hours
  • Over 7 million views from over 6,000 mentions of #SELday
  • Over 33,000 #SELday likes across social media
  • A letter recognizing #SELday from the President and First Lady 
  • Six #SELday state proclamations
  • Over #SELday 2,800 participants representing 63 countries and all 50 U.S. states and DC
  • More than 2,300 schools, districts, and organizations represented
  • Participants committed to over 8,000 actions to showcase, promote, advocate, and support #Soldiery

Check out the following recordings of interviews done for the Parents: Equip Our Kids! Online Event. Thank you for sponsoring Equip Our Kids!

Meet the Millers! – If you are familiar with the movie, this is not it! My husband, Jason and I talk about parenting with social and emotional learning for the first time in public though we’ve had an ongoing dialogue and practice together every day for fourteen years. It was a joy to collaborate! And our interviewer was friend and collaborator Mike Wilson of Harris County Department of Education! Check it out!

Different Families, Great Results – Confident Parents Lead Team Member Lorea Martinez and friend and collaborator and author of “Teaching with the Heart in Mind and Michael Strambler, Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at Yale University who does research on social and emotional learning in partnership with Connecticut schools. Each speaker is from different regions and ethnic backgrounds and share their children’s success with SEL at school. These two expert parents are interviewed by Mike Wilson of Harris County Department of Education.

A Psychologist’s Perspective – A mom and clinical psychologist Soundhari Balaguru, PhD, founder of Integrated SEL shares the heartening changes in her own child through social and emotional learning. She is interviewed by Jacqueline Sanderlin, Ed.D., Mom and K-12 National Education Leadership Executive Manager at Apple.

Parenting Coaching – Authors and coaches reveal the best social and emotional learning techniques to use at home including Aimee Biggs: Mom, Certified SEL and Character Development Coach, Jennifer Miller, M.Ed.: Mom, Founder/Author of “Confident Parents, Confident Kids” and Trish Wilkinson, Mom, Author, and Parent Coach.

Trauma and Healing – What parents need to know about children, trauma, and healing with Tammy Ratner, MA: Mom, Founder of Mother The Self, Certified Heartmath Coach, Alfonso Ramirez, Dad, Trauma-Informed Schools Specialist and owner of Trauma Informed Consulting, LLC and also Joy Thomas: Mom, Community Engagement and Learning at ACE Resource Network.

From Sandy Hook to Choosing Love – The co-founder of SEL Day David Adams, M.Ed.: Dad, CEO of The Urban Assembly and Sandy Hook Mom Scarlett Lewis, Founder and Chief Movement Officer, Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement share the remarkable benefits they have witnessed from SEL.

Don’t miss this last one. Wow. It shows that social and emotional learning is not optional for our children. It’s essential.

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