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Setting Up the Physical, Social and Emotional Environment for Learning Success at Home

Last year, I offered three different webinars to help parents and caregivers with setting up a caring, supportive learning environment at home. In this school year, some students, classes and schools continue to be engaged in remote learning. Additionally, it’s critical that we all work to create conducive learning environments for our children and teens …

Homeschooling and Social and Emotional Learning; Building on Passions and Embracing Imperfection

It can be a daunting decision but has the potential to be the most rewarding, meaningful experience for a family.

Daily Feelings Temperature Checks

Though my family is not entering a school building each day and attempting to assess any signs of illness in ourselves or our child each day, we are going to school — at home. And we do need to check each of our temperatures as a matter of routine for our emotional wellness. No matter …

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