Setting Up the Physical, Social and Emotional Environment for Learning Success at Home

Last year, I offered three different webinars to help parents and caregivers with setting up a caring, supportive learning environment at home. In this school year, some students, classes and schools continue to be engaged in remote learning. Additionally, it’s critical that we all work to create conducive learning environments for our children and teens at home as they attempt to do homework, group projects, and more in our homes. Check out the following to gain ideas and support:

How to Set Up the Physical Environment for Learning Success

What can we do with our physical spaces at home to ensure our child is properly set up to learn? Check out this webinar to learn more!

How to Set Up the Emotional Environment for Learning Success

Are there ways in which we can boost our child’s motivation to work hard? Particularly in times of great stress, how do we create the sense of safety and care with our children’s hearts necessary for learning to take place? Watch and learn more!

How to Set Up the Social Environment for Learning Success

How can we promote healthy relationships when learning at home? How can we teach our children to be responsible online? How do we help them deal with cyberbullying? What about getting along as a family? The social environment at home has an impact on our child’s ability to learn so watch this video to learn how you can become intentional about creating a safe, supportive environment.

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