Watch the Unveiling of “Confident Parents, Confident Kids” — The Book!

It’s a big week for Jennifer Miller of Confident Parents, Confident Kids as the first two final printed copies were received and… spoiler alert: it’s gorgeous! Thank you, Quarto/Fair Winds Press, Todd Conly, Meredith Quinn, Amanda Waddell, and Tina Wainscott of The Seymour Agency for your collaborative efforts to make this possible!

Watch Jennifer Miller and her son open up those first copies. It’s appropriate that it’s a book about kids’ big feelings and our big feelings as parents! How many big feelings can you tell Jennifer is experiencing in this video? Her son, Ethan is quieter but definitely experiencing some big feelings himself. Can you tell?

6 Comments on “Watch the Unveiling of “Confident Parents, Confident Kids” — The Book!”

  1. Jen – Just viewed your video -well done. So natural and genuine – E was a big help. Looks great. Again – soooooo proud of you. Love, Maaaaaa

  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my copy. I first heard you speak on the Building Confident Kids series of videos, and it was your amazing understanding and conveyance of the latest research that awed me and got me following your work, apart from diving in to the rest of the videos in that series. Thank you so much for sharing your learning and encouraging those of us parents who are struggling. I truly appreciate it.

    • Kirsten, Thank you for your kind words and detailed feedback! I love to hear that the content resonants and particularly is a helpful translation of the research! There’s so much important information out there that can make our roles easier and more enjoyable so I’m doing what I can to make it accessible! Thanks for joining me on the ride — and if you ever have topics you want to see on the blog, let me know! And hope you enjoy the book! It was a true joy to write! 🙂 All the best, Jennifer

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