Today: Mindful Kids Peace Summit… “How to Fit In and Stand Out and Be Confident Teens”

Join today and catch my interview with Adam Avin along with interviews on:

  • Stressed Teens
  • Teens Stand Up and Speak Out
  • Coping with the Aftermath of Tragedy and Stopping the Violence: Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Parkland
  • Stressed Teens: Riding the Stress Waves and…

Jennifer Miller of CPCK will speak on…

How to Fit In and Stand Out and Be Confident Teens
Tweens and teens report that one of the greatest challenges they face are social pressures from friends, classmates and other peers. There’s pressure to be like others, to be interested in what others are interested in, and to spend your time like everyone else does. But most tweens and teens don’t fit the narrow identity those peers may assign them. How do you fit in and stand out? How do you define your unique identity under the watchful eye of peers? How do you stand your ground but also, have a solid group of friends? Jennifer will share some key lessons from successful social and emotional skill and mindfulness strategies that will build confidence and relationships.

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