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The new Confident Parents, Confident Kids book is a unique full color, fully illustrated parenting book that walks parents through the big feelings that accompany each age and stage of development and how they can best support their child through it all. It offers guidance on the temperaments, or emotional tendencies, our children are born with that may differ from parents’ own tendencies. How can a parent support a child who is fearful of new people and situations? Or how can a parent best keep a child safe who dives head first into any new experience? 

This book responds to a whole host of big questions that have been posed by parents over the years with solutions tied to a solid research base so that parents can respond in ways that not only show their love and demonstrate their authentic values but also, manage their own big feelings with emotional intelligence. 

For the month of July, the first three individuals to pre-order the book will also get a one-on-one coaching session with author, Jennifer Miller. This one-hour coaching session — to be held in October, 2019 right before the release of the book — will focus on whatever you most want to focus on related to your parenting challenges. Jennifer will provide support and resources as well as helping you set a small experiment to try out a best practice at home right away.

Here’s what some have said about receiving coaching from Jennifer Miller:

Jennifer has a wonderful ability to listen, reflect, and clarify the issues in families.  She has both a great understanding of the mind eye of children and the challenges of parents as they work to raise well-balanced kids. She helped us to reflect on the behavior we want to model, developing useful tools for stressful situations, and creating real world plans for problem solving.  The process involved a great deal of self reflection and appreciation of what assumptions, beliefs, habits we bring to parenting based on our own experiences.  We are still working to understand the unique people our children are and adjust our parenting styles to fit their individual needs.”

“I was growing distant from my son. He was pushing me away and I was frequently angry with him wanting to be more involved. Jennifer helped me prioritize cultivating trust between us and he opened up to me about problems he was having I was totally unaware of. I’m relieved to be able to help him.”

“My daughter was struggling with frustration tantrums in school and the teachers telling me she was disruptive. Jennifer taught me some strategies to help her expand her emotional vocabulary. At parent-teacher conferences, her teacher told me they noticed that my daughter was able to calm down quicker and articulate what she was feeling. They didn’t know what I had been working on at home.”

To take advantage of this incentive, please send a screen shot of your proof of purchase to confidentparentsconfidentkids@gmail.com with the subject line: “incentive.” The first three to pre-order will receive a confirmation and set of times/dates to schedule a coaching session with Jennifer Miller.

Pre-order “Confident Parents, Confident Kids: Raising Emotional Intelligence In Ourselves and Our Kids — From Toddlers to Teenagers!”

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