Upcoming Institute and Interview with Jennifer Miller

Research partners and parents Shannon Wanless and Jennifer Miller will be facilitating a full day institute pre-conference session on October 2nd, 2019 focused on parenting with social and emotional learning in Chicago at the 2019 SEL Exchange Conference hosted by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). We’ll be sharing our research and quickly turning to the practical as we dialogue about the following questions:

What does social and emotional learning (SEL) look like in the messy, informal context of family life? How do parents access and translate the robust knowledge base from SEL schools to support them in raising confident, responsible children? And how can schools who prioritize social and emotional learning authentically partner with families to maximize our success with the children common to both? The session is nearly full so sign up soon! Learn more here.   

Jennifer Miller is featured today on the CASEL SEL Speaker Blog! Check out the interview…

Q: Why do you believe the SEL field is gaining momentum and how do you hope the SEL Exchange advances that momentum? 
A: When I talk with parents, their biggest concern for their children is not their academic achievement, their technology know-how, or their popularity at school. Parents are most concerned about their children’s emotional well-being. Professionals and families alike are increasingly realizing that in order to help our children gain the inner resources they require to succeed in school, relationships, and their future careers, it’s their social and emotional development we need to focus on.
This is not a trending topic or an educational fad. A focus on SEL in schools and at home is simply bringing us back to our very humanity; the fact that we are beings with hearts, minds, and spirits whose inherent purpose is learning in all areas of our lives. SEL offers… Read the full interview!

*Special thanks to CASEL for the interview, the opportunity to present and for organizing what is shaping up to be a pivotal event!

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