Do You Know A Confident Mom?

Did you have a Confident Mom growing up or one now supporting you as an adult? Do you gather with friends and consider how incredible they are as Moms?

Though it may be hard to define exactly what confidence means, we know it when we see it. Perhaps it’s a Mom who does what’s right for her children even though it’s different from what her friends and family believe. Maybe confidence stems from the time she puts into her children’s lives and schooling. Or confidence could be evidenced by the patience she shows as her children deal with challenges.

I encounter Confident Moms daily…Moms who are constantly seeking new ideas and learning about how to more effectively relate to, love and support their children.

Coming up, in anticipation of Mother’s Day, I’ll be highlighting Confident Moms. 

Please share a brief example in the comment box below on a Confident Mom you know and why you see her as confident and I’ll publish all of the entries on Thursday, May 10th in celebration of Mother’s Day.




6 Comments on “Do You Know A Confident Mom?”

  1. You are a confident Mom because you love Ethan completely and never stop incorporating good parenting ideals into your daily life – even when it’s not easy. L,M

    • Thanks so much, Mom! I learned so much from you about being in touch with my emotions, about not being afraid to communicate what I am feeling to others and that I can work through any problem with some thought and hard work. You also taught me that I will survive the hard times and I can deal with pain and be strong. I am trying to bring those assets you gave me to Ethan too. I love you! Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Jenn

  2. My own mother was confident in her belief that her five children would grow up to be capable, independent, caring adults. She modeled those traits, and let us know that she believed in and supported us. She let us learn from mistakes and celebrate our successes and was always available when we needed her. I have tried to be that mother with my own 3 children. While I miss her every day, she lives on in me and my kids.

    • Mary Lynn, Thank you so much for writing and sharing the story of your Mom. She sounds like an incredible woman being able to raise five children and have patience with mistake-making with each one and showing her confidence in each of you. I hope you feel confident in the fact that because you have learned those skills through her modeling, it is already a solid part of your parenting and a tremendous asset to your own children. What a legacy your Mom has graced your family with! I hope it’s okay that I share your story with readers on May 10th on my blog? It’s a beautiful one. Happy Mother’s Day to you! – Jennifer

      • I would be pleased to be included in your blog. Thank you for the kind words. And thank you for your wonderful posts – they are so thoughtful and positive and helpful!

      • Great! I will indeed include. I appreciate your kind words about the blog! It is a work of heart for sure! I hope you’ll keep in touch and let me know if there are ever topics you’d like to read about or contribute to. And look for the post on May 10th! Best!

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