Happily Family’s Way of the Mindful Parent Online Conference – Coming Soon!

Dear Reader,

I’m excited to join my friends, collaborators, and experts in mindful parenting, Cecilia and Jason Hilkey, for the Happily Family Online Conference coming up from May 10-14, 2018! The conference is FREE to attend! Learn more!

This event is part of a global movement and a community of families and professionals who embrace a conscious and mindful approach to being with kids. The Happily Family Conference focuses on empathy, social and emotional learning, and resilience. I’m going to be talking with Jason and Cecilia about how to deal with anxiety in parenting – our own anxiety and how to help our kids! 

You will see interviews from some of the finest teachers, authors, researchers and thought leaders in the world of parenting and education such as:

  • Dr. Daniel Siegel (Psychiatrist, Author of the “Whole Brain Child”) 
  • Dr. Laura Markham (Psychologist, Founder of Ahaparenting.com)
  • Jessica Lahey (Educator, Author of “The Gift of Failure”)
  • Michelle Gale (Mindfulness Educator & Author of “Mindful Parenting in a Messy World”)
  • Dr. Christopher Willard (Psychologist, Author of “Raising Resilience”
  • Dr. Michele Borba (Author of “UnSelfie”, Speaker
  • Jennifer Miller, M.Ed. (Author, Confident Parents, Confident Kids)
  • Dr. Mark Bertin (Pediatrician, Author of “How Children Thrive”)
  • Scott Noelle (Author of The Daily Groove)

Learn More and Register at NO COST here.

I can’t wait to learn from these experience presenters! Hope you’ll join me in this event that will bring thousands of parents and professionals from all around the world to explore how we can raise and teach happy, successful, compassionate kids.

I look forward to seeing you there!





P.S. Once you’ve registered yourself, please share with your friends and family!

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