Announcing Confident Parents Academy! And Video # 3 – The Power of Parenting with Social and Emotional Learning

CPCK Academy ribbon by Jennifer MillerToday is the official opening of Confident Parents Academy! Now readers can become members and enjoy deeper learning resources through webinars, weekly tools and tips, support for putting practices into place at home and direct coaching on your family’s challenges. Parents are so often told what not to do, but seldom offered simple, research-based strategies that provide options for what to do. Confident Parents Academy will do just that.

The live webinars, tools and coaching will be focused on preventing misbehaviors while at the same time teaching valuable life skills such as empathy, problem solving, collaboration and responsible decision making. Parents can learn in the comfort of their own homes. There are numerous simple, practical ways we can help our children develop social and emotional skills in family life. Instead of losing your temper, understanding and being able to pull from a range of strategies can extend parents’ patience and build closer, more trusting family connections. Membership is open now at a discounted trial rate for ONE WEEK ONLY – October 22-29.

Check out the third video in the three-part series, “The Power of Parenting with Social and Emotional Learning:”

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Want to prepare your kids with communication & social skills while preventing misbehaviors. Check out Confident Parents Academy, #smartparents #SEL

New online tools & webinars extend parents patience & raise confidence. Check out the new Confident Parents Academy, #parenting

How do you promote critical life skills like self-discipline & responsibility thru parenting? Check out the new Confident Parents Academy, #parenting

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Do daily routines turn chaotic with kids arguing and not cooperating? Confident Parents, Confident Kids is launching Confident Parents Academy TODAY to provide learning opportunities in the comfort of your own home. Gain simple strategies based on sound theory and research to apply immediately to not only prevent misbehaviors but also promote responsibility and self-discipline. Also subscribe to the brand new Confident Parents, Confident Kids YouTube Channel for more!

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