Confident Parents, Confident Kids Turns Two!

CPCK Two Year Blog-iversary Illustration by Jennifer Miller


It’s Confident Parents, Confident Kids’ two year blog-iversary! It’s been a big year moving from 275 followers to 19,208 (nearly 20,000 strong!). NBC Universal’s Education Nation’s Parent Toolkit now links to this site as a resource and followers include organizations making a significant contribution to families including the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), Harvard School of Education’s Making Caring Common Project, Committee for Children, Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and more.

In recognizing this milestone, I want to thank all of those who have played major roles in its success. I want to particularly thank my editor extraordinaire, Linda Smith (or as I affectionately refer to her, “Mom”) who now edits two articles every week for me on top of articles for other sites that I write. I could not hire someone who is as skilled of an editor as she. Thank you sincerely for sharing your talents. Thank you to my husband, Jason and son, E for acting as regular guinea pigs participating in games and other trial tests for upcoming articles! Particular thank yous go out to those who have read, shared, and commented extensively including David Smith, Roger Weissberg, Shannon Wanless, Sharon Perez, Kimberly Allison, Julie Iven, Susie Fabro and Jeanne Osgood. And thank you, readers for your ongoing dialogue, thoughtful comments and participation. Some of those regular readers, commenters and supporters are depicted in the illustration above.

There are two ways you can help me celebrate this milestone.

1. Share your feedback.

The site is only successful if I keep in touch with what is important to you. Please take a moment and reply in the comment section to any or all of the following questions.

– What keeps you up at night?
– What are your greatest challenges as a parent?
– What are your hopes and dreams for your children – and how do you need support
in preparing them for success?
– Are there any specific topics you would like to see covered or particular social and
emotional skills you want to learn more about?

2. Share the site.

If you’ve enjoyed or benefitted from this site, please consider sharing it with friends, family or colleagues. You can cut and paste the following statement, if helpful, into an email, tweet or post. Help me reach 20,000 followers! And see below to find me on Twitter and Facebook.

I thought you might be interested in the site, Confident Parents, Confident Kids. It offers practical weekly ideas for teaching our kids critical social and emotional skills in busy family life. These skills include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, interpersonal communications and responsible decision-making. Sign up on the right side of the site under “Follow via Email” to receive weekly updates and articles.

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Here are some of the site statistics:


113 Posts

147 Countries Viewed (out of a total of 196 in the world)

25,312 Total Views

15,821 U.S. Views


And the top ten most popular posts are listed below. If you missed one, check it out!

1. Parent-Teacher Conversations
2. Cultivating a Sense of Competence
3. Expanding the Circle: Teaching Your Children Inclusion
4. Smart Home Media Use: Limiting Screen Time
5. The Power of Self-Control
6. The Fear of Failure
7. Let the Games Begin!
8. The Mask of Anger
9. Weapon Play and Villians
10. Mine, Yours and Ours

Thanks again! And cheers to you, Confident Parents and your Confident Kids!

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  1. Jen – Thanks for the “thanks” but I do it because I get real joy out of helping you in this way – it uses one of my “abilities” and that’s great for you and me. Love, Maaaaa

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