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On NTD News…”Parent-Teacher Bond to Teach Social, Emotional Learning”

Recently, the following news story aired on NTD News emphasizing that 1.) schools are increasingly focusing on children’s social and emotional development, and 2.) children will benefit from social and emotional learning in a broader and deeper way if parents, children’s first social and emotional teachers, are meaningful partners in the education process. Thank you, …

“The Power of Parenting with Social and Emotional Learning” in Huffington Post Today!

Check out my article, “The Power of Parenting with Social and Emotional Learning” on the Huffington Post Education site today! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/smart-parents/the-power-of-parenting-wi_b_7071208.html

The Power of Parenting with Social and Emotional Learning

Check out the latest article by Confident Parents, Confident Kids author Jennifer Miller on the “Smart Parents” blog series published by influential educational reformer, Thomas Vander Ark and his team at Getting Smart. The article will also appear on the Huffington Post Parents blog later this week! The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning …

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