Don’t Miss Adding your Video!

March is next week! We are getting excited about #SEL Day! Don’t miss your chance to ask your child what their #SEL Superpower is – and be sure to record it (vertically)! And then, turn your camera on yourself and let us know what your superpower is too!

We invite you to help us generate more inspiration and joy for social and emotional learning in families, schools and communities by recording a short, selfiie-style video talking about your SEL “superpower” (strength) and what it means to you. We need videos from parents, educators, experts and kids! This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. Here’s my own example.

Please submit the video here with your release form by Friday, March 4th.

We will be launching the campaign on social media during the week of March 6-10, in celebration of International SEL Day on March 10th. Last year, thousands of parents and educators participated. To learn more, check out the site on SEL Day.

Thank you for being a champion for all of our children!

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