How Do We Heal?

Though we had many work issues to discuss and tasks to accomplish, this was the first topic of conversation with my long-time research partner, collaborator and friend Shannon Wanless this week as we prepared for the National Service Learning Conference hosted by the Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning. She shared that she had reflected on three different “buckets,” or areas of focus including joy, healing and health and how they might take center stage this summer with her family. I loved the idea and am literally assembling buckets labeled “joy,” “healing,” and “health.” I’ll set them out empty with blank cards and markers next week – our last week of homeschool – for family members to contribute their thoughts and ideas. But honestly, I could sure use yours!

What are your ideas for healing? What are you currently doing? What do you want to do?

Please share in the comments or write to me at and I’ll be sure and share your thoughts with our larger community. We’ve all endured our unique and collective stories of struggle this past year. We are stronger when we are in dialogue together. And I’m eager to learn from you!

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