New Podcast: “Be Confident Parents for Confident Kids during COVID-19”

This week, Jennifer Miller of CPCK talks with host Mike Wilson of The Making After-School Cool Podcast for an episode entitled “Be Confident Parents for Confident Kids During COVID-19.” The podcast is produced by CASE4Kids through the Harris County Department of Education in Houston, Texas. In this episode, we’ll discuss how:

  • Youth-serving institutions and school programs are changing and adapting to the conditions created by this global pandemic;
  • Parents can promote youth resiliency and social and emotional skills at home;
  • Parents can be be a role models to keep kids calm or help them manage their fear; and
  • Adults can help youth express their thoughts and feelings regarding the pandemic.

In our current context, school, after school, and out-of-school time activities are all taking place at home. Even when we begin to return to school and community settings, we’ll need to continue to limit our exposure so more time will be spent at home. That means that we – parents, educators and youth-serving professionals alike – need to consider how we can help children and teens develop the essential social and emotional skills at home that will build their fortitude and strength during tough times and beyond. Listen to this episode!

This podcast was developed as a way to increase the awareness of resources that improve quality in the after-school and out-of-school time field. Mike Wilson, Outreach Coordinator for CASE4Kids talks with field experts about best practices, the growth mindset, project-based learning, social and emotional learning, restorative practices and student engagement all with after-school providers in mind.

Thank you Mike for this opportunity to discuss such a timely and critical issue!

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