Setting the Tone for the At-Home Learning Day — The Morning Routine


Although every family will manage the major changes of staying at home and distance learning differently taking it account their own strengths, limitations, and daily accountabilities, for children and adults alike, a consistent morning routine offers many benefits. That structure can provide a sense of safety and stability for all as they begin their day. This can lower stress levels when family members have their needs taken care of each morning through a predictable routine. If children help create the routine, then power struggles are less likely to take place regularly.

In this current context, children and adults alike are tempted to sleep in late, keep their pajamas on, and not get started with the day until half of it has passed. But during the school week when our children need to get work accomplished, slow mornings can add to their challenge to motivate and work toward school goals. Your consistency in sticking with a morning routine that works for all family members will help your children cultivate an awake and ready state of mind conducive to tackling the distance learning ahead of them.

In the recent poll asking you how you most prefer to learn, you reported that short videos were helpful. Check out this short video produced by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) in partnership with Jennifer Miller of CPCK on how to co-create a successful morning routine with your children. It’s never too late and you’ll feel the benefits immediately. Check it out!  

Struggling or want more? Check out the following 5 minute video short with more instructions on how to co-create your morning routine for successful learning so that there’s less nagging, less stress, and more connection and productivity!

Creating a Smooth Morning Routine

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