The Mindful Kids Peace Summit

On the anniversary of the Parkland school tragedy, tweens, teens, and the parents and educators who love them are speaking up and making a difference! 

Join us for this free, online event – The Mindful Kids Peace Summit – February 11-15, bringing together over 50 expert speakers including Jennifer Miller of Confident Parents, Confident Kids with sessions for teachers and for teens and tweens covering topics such as mindfulness, peace, happiness, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and much more! We’ll talk about the value of social and emotional learning and mindfulness in schools and at home and how it can prevent the problems we worry about for our teens while promoting essential life skills and their sense of well-being.

Did you know the evidence shows that social and emotional learning in schools shows…

  • increases in academic performance including a 13% advantage on high stakes achievement tests;
  • increased skills in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making; 
  • students are more likely to graduate with a high school diploma and a college degree;
  • students are less anxious and depressed;
  • fewer students are diagnosed with clinical mental health disorders;
  • fewer students become involved in substance abuse (drugs or alcohol);
  • fewer students become involved with the criminal justice system; and
  • fewer students become pregnant or contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Did you know that evidence shows that mindfulness in schools…

  • increases focused attention;
  • increases compassion;
  • increases students’ ability to manage emotions;
  • increases students’ ability to experience calm.
  • decreases stress and anxiety;
  • decreases depression;
  • decreases post-traumatic symptoms.

And in teachers and parents, it reduces stress and burnout. And the two – social and emotional learning and mindfulness – can fit and work together to benefit students.

Fourteen-year-old Adam Avin of Wuf Shanti has organized this summit with Helen Maffini of the Preschool Mindfulness Summit because of his passionate commitment to helping kids and teens realize the benefits of building these essential skills while promoting kind, caring, safe schools. Watch together as a family with your tween or teen.

I frequently hear parents say “I wish there was something I could do about school shootings.” Here’s something you can do. Learn, become inspired, and discover there are many simple ways you can contribute to safer schools for our children. This is a great step forward!

Hope you’ll join us! 


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For the summary, visit:

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