Introducing — The New and Improved Parent Toolkit!

Check out NBC Education Nation’s New & Improved Parent Toolkit!

Parent Toolkit is an award-winning resource for parents to help them support their children’s development in academics, health & wellness, and social & emotional development. Now, it’s easier than ever to use. You can browse by topic or grade level to see an overview of all the helpful tips and benchmarks featured. The new site enables you to find the advice and information you’re looking for even faster.

Since we as parents are more connected than ever with our sons and daughters, Parent Toolkit just launched a new Life After High School section to help parents and students navigate college and career options. It also includes conversation starters on important but often difficult discussions including underage drinking and consent. New original videos for Life After High School provide bite-size and engaging tips on key interview skills and even healthy recipes graduates can make quickly and easily.

I loved working with the Parent Toolkit team to develop content on how to support your emerging adult sons and daughters on cultivating healthy relationships, dealing with the uncertainties and attendant anxieties that come with the many choices associated with college and career, and also, on guiding them toward their sense of purpose and contribution to the world.

While Parent Toolkit aims to empower parents to support their kids’ success in and out of the classroom, many teachers find the resource helpful too. With even more advice also available in Spanish, this site is a useful tool for any caring adult.

This week, I’ll be highlighting for you some of my new favorite sections! So I hope you’ll explore this improved resource for parents! 

2 Comments on “Introducing — The New and Improved Parent Toolkit!

    • Glad you appreciate it! I think it’s a pretty awesome resource for parents and it just keeps getting better! Thanks and I’ll share the feedback with the Parent Toolkit team! Best! 🙂

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