Interview on Promoting Self-Control

Want to learn practical, simple ways to promote self-control in your children?

Today, check out my interview with Aditi Verma, Co-founder of Lead with Good. I discuss how parents can practically promote self-control through various ages and stages. Aditi asks excellent questions and poses examples from her own life as a parent. Lead with Good is an organization that works to bring families together around the topics of emotional intelligence, leadership, and value-based education. I loved talking with them and sharing practical tips for promoting one of the most important skills for our children to learn! Check it out!


Thank you, Lead with Good!

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2 Comments on “Interview on Promoting Self-Control”

  1. That was a great interview, Jenn. I loved that you shared practical advice for various age ranges!

    • Thanks Kimberly! It’s one of those skills that we all know is critical but can be hard to translate that desire into our everyday routines. Thanks for your comment! In Connecticut tonight, New York with the NBC team tomorrow but breakfast with you next week?!!!! Hope so! 🙂

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