“Politics at the Thanksgiving Table? Here’s How to Model Emotional Intelligence” with Pearson Education


I spoke with the talented team at Pearson Education – sponsors of the NBC Parent Toolkit – about a hot topic as we approach this U.S. holiday. What do you do when family conversations are heated or divided around politics? Here’s how it begins…


“Affirm their strong feeling –‘I can hear you feel really strongly about this, as so many of us do—but I want to focus on what brings us together this Thanksgiving. Can we talk about some issues where we have some common ground?’”


Anxious Conversations

Most families sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner this week will have more on their minds than keeping the turkey moist. This year’s presidential election has many people anxiously anticipating conversations with loved ones from opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Jennifer Miller, a regular expert contributor to the Pearson-sponsored NBC Education Nation’s Parent Toolkit, has some advice for families entering the fray.

“If you’re going to initiate a political conversation at your Thanksgiving dinner, there are some ways that you can go about it that are more constructive,” says Miller. “If you’re worried about others initiating a political conversation, there are ways you can deal with it where you maintain gratitude for the relationships without creating unneeded stress.”

While these sorts of discussions can be fraught, they also present important learning opportunities for kids. If you do it right, says Miller, “then you are modeling social and emotional intelligence in the highest form.” Read full article.


Thanks #PearsonEducation for the opportunity to contribute! Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating! May we all experience the feelings and thoughts of gratitude this holiday season!

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