“How to Hear “Me, Me, Me” Less and Teach Young Children to Give” on NBC Parent Toolkit


How do you help young children learn about and experience the joy of giving?

Check out how the article begins…

“Look, Mama!” my five-year-old son E said peering proudly over his grocery bag teeming with – toys? “Oh!” I was confused by what I saw. It was the day of the school Christmas store in which students could buy gifts for family members at inexpensive prices. We had spent time the day prior talking about what Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa might like for gifts. And I had placed a $10 bill in an envelope in E’s backpack to allow him to make purchases. I thought I had properly prepared him. But when his teacher sent him off shopping with a fourth grade buddy as his guide, he felt overwhelmed by the sparkling goodies before him. His buddy, a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, told him, “Yeah, get some for yourself.” The freedom and excitement E must have felt having money to spend took him over and he forgot the reason he was shopping in the first place.

Children at the preschool and kindergarten age fly with grand excitement from one play activity to another. Their attention span does not last long. So preparations the day prior, as I had tried to do with my son, are not typically retained. And impulse control is still not completely developed. Which means when left to their own devices, they may not stop themselves from grabbing goodies at their fingertips. Read the full article.

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  1. I have absolutely seen the “me, me, me” attitude as I have spent time in my school’s Christmas Shop. However, when told by parents to buy for specific people, they have a hard time finding something that the other people would like. So, what do they do? Of course, they choose something to give to “grandma” that the child would like to have! It works!

    • It does work since Grandma’s just love their grandkids and want to see them happy. Those first attempts at gift giving can be so adorable and do help a child learn how to become a thoughtful gift giver with practice. Thanks for reading and writing and happy start to the holiday my season!

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