boundaries image 001Summertime is an important time to assert emotional boundaries because of the opportunity to spend more time together. Boundaries can be a great challenge to voice making you feel vulnerable but review these ideas. You’ll find it will only add to your sense of strength. And your whole family will benefit from your example.

Boundary lines define the playing field. They outline the perimeter and if you step outside, you are, at least temporarily, out of the game. Emotional boundaries operate in the same way. They are the rules of engagement and often, they are disguised or unspoken. Our sense of emotional boundaries can be established by a combination of our culture, religion or belief system, community and our own upbringing. As a result, it can be a tricky terrain for adults and children to navigate. Trickier still, each environment we enter and each person we encounter has a different set of boundary lines. At Karen’s house, it’s “inside voices” only. In the first grade classroom, we raise our hands before we speak. At home, no one leaves the dinner table until the last person is finished. Children need to learn how to navigate through various environments and relationships with awareness and adjust their behaviors accordingly. Becoming sensitive to boundary lines raises children’s social awareness and ability to adapt to a variety of environments and situations. They can be more adept in relationships because they have more information about how to be respectful. Read full post.

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  1. Jen – Boundaries!!! Seems very appropriate today as I looked out your dining room window. Had a great time with you and E. Soooo good to see you and to get “out of Dodge” for a day. Love, Maaaaa On Jul 30, 2015, at 9:10 AM, confident parents confident kids wrote:


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