New School Year Parent Resolutions from NBC Parent Toolkit


NBC Parent Toolkit is asking for parents to consider and write, video or take a photo of a resolution that states your desire for your own learning and development in this new school year. Check out their flyer. What do you want to focus on with your children in the coming year? Want do you want to learn or how can you improve? My resolution is to talk about issues that, I realize, are critical but often make me uncomfortable like racism and sexuality. My seven year old asks questions and encounters plenty of social opportunities to discuss these tough issues. I was involved with the Toolkit’s “Tough Talks” last year which was an excellent primer for me in thinking about difficult topics of conversation. Here are some below in case you missed them.

Be sure and check out all of the resolutions already submitted. And in addition, consider submitting your resolution to NBC Parent Toolkit so that we can learn from each other!

Here are some articles on difficult topics of conversation that, despite the discomfort, are important to have with your children.

Tough Talks: How to Talk to your Child about Mental Health

Tough Talks: How to Talk to your Child about Drugs and Alcohol

Tough Talks: How to Discuss Divorce with your Child

Tough Talks: Having the “Sex Talk” with your Child

An excellent article from In Culture Parent:

How I Talk to my Classroom about Race by Madeleine Rogin

And from Confident Parents, Confident Kids:

Helping Children Understand Death

Elements of a Confident Kid…Cultural Awareness

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