Tag: Social and emotional intelligence

Life Unmasked — Revealing Authenticity

How does this unique time help us live more authentically? How do we raise kids to deeply know and trust themselves?

Today! Navigating the Transition to College with Social and Emotional Intelligence

Watch Jennifer Miller’s Interview and Find Out What Parents Can Do! When it comes to making sure your teen is READY for college, it’s very likely you’re thinking about their application, making sure they do campus visits, and that they’re prepared for the SAT. But have you paused to say, “I need to get my …

Elements of a Confident Kid…Alliance Building

: a union between people, groups or countries: a relationship in which people agree to work together.1 There will be numerous opportunities throughout a child’s academic years to practice engaging in an alliance. Individuals need not agree on interests or even like each other to form one. Alliances are often temporary and formed with a …

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