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Summer Road-Tripping with Device Breaks and Cooperative Games

Try out these fun, connecting and skill-building car games!

Annual Halloween Cooperative Games

Imaginative fun while skill-building in-person or at a distance.

Family Car Games For Summer Road-Tripping

Check out these ideas for every age and stage!

Road Trip Games (a.k.a. Practicing Cooperation in the Guise of Fun!)

We’re going on a road trip, a road trip, a road trip. We’re going on a road trip to see what we can see! We typically venture out on a number of small road trips during the summer months taking advantage of the freedom and warm weather. It’s tempting to hand a child an iPad …

“A Win for Everyone: Collaborative Games” on NBC Parent Toolkit

Check out “A Win for Everyone: Collaborative Games” by Jennifer Miller, author of Confident Parents, Confident Kids on the NBC Education Nation’s Parent Toolkit blog. The article includes numerous cooperative game ideas for you to introduce to your kids whether its in the backyard, at the park, at a school event or indoors on a …

Reader Question and Answer about Games to Support Development

One reader, Michele Rammien, wrote in with a great question that I thought would be helpful to many readers so am putting her question and my response into a post. Michele wrote: I love these emails! They have been informative & helpful. I may have missed it somewhere but do you have suggestions of games …

Let the Games Begin!

If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative. –          Author Unknown A few weeks ago, a reader wrote in that she was hoping to find resources for quick social skills games that she could teach her kids to play. Thanks Shannon for the inspiration for …

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