On the site, Anxious Toddlers by Child Therapist Natasha Daniels:

In this article my guest writer Jennifer Miller from Confident Parents, Confident Kids shares with us the power of replacing worries with gratitude and compassion. Another interesting tool to add to the anxiety battle. Her writing is uplifting and inspiring! To see more of her wonderful work, visit her website.


“It was a tough day, Mom,” my nine-year-old son E said with a furrowed brow right after school a few weeks back. My high alert radar went up immediately since I cannot remember a time he used that phrase. “What happened?” I said with concern. It was Election Day and there seemed a buzz of anxiety in the air. “My friends were all telling me I had to believe what they believe. And we don’t. They kept trying to convince me that they were right and I was wrong.” He shrunk into the car looking so deflated but also, deeply worried. I could almost hear his thoughts, “What if they don’t like me anymore because our family thinks differently than they do?” Read the full article.

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