NYMetro Parents Magazine published an article in their October issue including interviews with Kathryn Lee, Director of Yale University’s RULER for Families and Confident Parents, Confident Kids’ author, Jennifer Miller on tips for how parents can support the development of emotional intelligence at various ages and stages. The article also points to important research from the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) making a direct link between kids’ social and emotional skill development and academic performance. Here’s how it begins…

How to Help Your Child Build Emotional Intelligence

by Katelin Walling
High emotional intelligence translates to success across the board—in children academically and in adults professionally.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a hot topic these days, from the slew of articles discussing characteristics of those with high emotional intelligence to the business articles revealing the emotional-intelligence job skills everyone needs to be successful. And members of Bachelor Nation will undoubtedly remember the showdown between Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan on Nick Viall’s season of ABC’s The Bachelor, when Nolan told Olympios she lacked emotional intelligence.

But what exactly is emotional intelligence, and how can parents ensure their children have a high level? We spoke to experts to get a clear picture of EQ, its benefits to children, and how parents can help children build their emotional intelligence skills.

Emotional Intelligence Explained… Read the full article.

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