One of Greater Good Science Center’s Favorite Parenting Books of 2020

We are so grateful to the University of California at Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center for reading and reviewing the CPCK book. Here’s how their review begins…

In Confident Parents, Confident Kids, Jennifer Miller busts myths that many parents have about confidence, a quality that most of us want our kids to gain. According to Miller, it’s not about being an extrovert, gaining power at all costs, having a high IQ, getting straight As in school, or repressing our feelings. Confidence—feeling sure of your own abilities—comes down to emotional competence...

Miller shares insights to help parents understand kids during different life stages, from birth to the teenage years. For example, preschoolers and early school-aged children experience many transitions in their lives—including daily travel from home to school to after-care and back home, with different rules and relationships with adults in each setting—at a time when they are still developing the skills to think flexibly across settings. These transitions can elicit lots of big feelings. She provides age-appropriate tips for parentsRead the review and check out the full list of parenting picks for 2020!

Thanks Roger Weissberg, co-investigator in original research shared in the book, for your own review and support of the book and for letting me know about this review! And get your own copy of Confident Parents, Confident Kids; Raising Emotional Intelligence In Ourselves and Our Kids From Toddlers to Teenagers for yourself or a parent you treasure!

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    • Agreed! Me too! It’s a great list! I purchased the ones I didn’t have. And for my book, I think it’s always relevant but particularly helpful now with an age by stage guide of children’s social and emotional development and how we can support it. Happy reading!

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