CASEL Cares Webinar Recording – Social and Emotional Learning at Home

There was a large turnout of professionals and parents who joined live for the dialogue Friday afternoon for the CASEL Cares webinar. Thank you to the many who joined! For ideas on how to promote social and emotional skills at home during #COVID19, check out the recording: “So What Now? Supporting Social and Emotional Learning at Home.”

Thank you Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) for hosting this event in which so many family tools, resources, and research-aligned strategies could be shared!



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4 Comments on “CASEL Cares Webinar Recording – Social and Emotional Learning at Home”

  1. Thank you for the webinar! It was wonderful! I enjoyed seeing Jennifer in person & hearing you explain things to us! I look forward to hearing many more webinars! Even after the pandemic is over!

    Perhaps it says it somewhere & I’ve missed it but I want to be sure it’s ok…Do we have permission to share the Manifesto with families, educators, and professionals who work with kids?

    Lastly, a HUGE shout out for the bright & cheery graphics! It’s as if the drawings are animated & the colors are so vibrant! Often the illustrations are what draw my attention into what I want to read first.

    THANK YOU so much for a providing us with quality information and resources!

    • BethAnn, Thank you so much for your detailed and generous feedback!!!! It’s wonderful to hear that you appreciate the resources! It’s a true labor of love for me and I get so excited when others find it useful. YES! Please do use the Manifestos! I am hoping they’ll be shared! Thank you for checking. Anything published on my site is free for sharing. Thanks for your comments on my illustrations! I’ve always wanted to make art a part of my work and it’s pure fun when I get to illustrate. Glad they work for you! 🙂 This is a time to band together and share our best to support one another. I appreciate the encouragement and sending it right back to you! All the best! Jennifer Miller

  2. Listened to it this morning! I’ve shared it with my parent friends and my staff. Great things for us to think about as we are even more intentional with the ways we include SEL into our homes. Thanks!

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