In Youth Connections Magazine… “Children’s Growing Identity; Cultivating Self-Awareness to Inspire Confidence”

Check out the latest feature article in Youth Connections Magazine published nationally. This one focuses on children’s developing sense of who they are, what they think, and how they feel. It helps parents understand at various ages and stages how children are growing in their self-perception and how parents can promote confidence by cultivating their self-awareness skills. It begins…

In those last sweet days of summer, Mom Margaret wanted to do something enjoyable with both kids in addition to the typical flurry of school supply shopping. But, she hesitated to propose an outing when she noticed that ten-year-old Olivia was sulking around the house seeming down. When Margaret asked her about it, she snapped, “Mom! I’m fine.” 

After giving Olivia a little time and space, Margaret approached her gently, “Seems like you’ve been worried or upset lately. Are you okay?” Despite her delicate prodding, Olivia shrugged her shoulders and innocently looked at her mom. 

“I don’t know,” she said genuinely perplexed. 

“Are you upset about your friends?” Olivia had been hanging out with neighbors all summer long, and maybe they had an argument Mom guessed. But, no, that wasn’t it. “Could it be,” asked Mom, “anticipating the school year starting and all that goes along with it?” 

Olivia was no longer quiet and launched into her many worries. Ah, jackpot. Would she like her new teacher? Would she fit into her old group of friends or could she make new ones? What if she failed the new advanced placement math class to which they had moved her? READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

Thank you‘s Center for Health and Safety Culture and Youth Connections for sponsoring this feature series on parenting with social and emotional learning. This is one of six feature articles each focused on a different social and emotional skill along with an overview of parenting with social and emotional learning.

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